The Ballroom Dance Photo Marketplace

What is Frozen Event

The number one marketplace for buying and selling ballroom dance photographs.

We are the best option for photographers who have been to a dance competition to upload, market and sell their photo. We have tools to make all of that easy so that you can focus on the photography bit.

What is a Ballroom Dance Competition?

Ballroom dancing competitions happen all over the world. Top couples train daily, and compete in glamorous outfits, sometimes costing many thousands of pounds. The dancing is one of the most beautiful things you can witness, and one of the most interesting subjects to photograph. What's more, competitive couples always want to see, and buy photos of themselves.

Selling and Promoting Photos

In to see competition photos, two things are necessary

  1. It must be really easy to buy the photos.
  2. The dancers in the photos need to know about them photos
The Frozen Event site solves both of those problems for photographers

Simple Pricing

We have very simple pricing. You choose the price of your photos, and you keep 70% of the sale price. Thats it.